Aluminium Plain Sheet - Alloy 5052 H32

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Aluminium Alloy 5052 is a medium strength, Aluminium magnesium with good resistance to atmospheric corrosion. It can attain moderate to high strength by cold working and has relatively high welded strength compared to other Aluminium Alloys. It is the alloy of choice for sheet work done for outdoor uses due to its bendibility and corrosion resistance

Applications of Aluminium Alloy 5052

Aluminium alloy is widely used for manufacture of appliances, small boats, signage,Packaging, Architectural components and facades, cabinets and enclosures

Technical Datasheet of Aluminium Alloy 5052

Click on the link below to view the technical datasheet to ensure that this aluminium alloy is right for your requirements

Technical Datasheet of Aluminium Alloy 5052

Commonly stocked sizes for Aluminium Alloy 5052

The AA 5052 sheets available with us are sourced from renowned mills from Europe & India. We provide mill test certificates as per EN standards with all our deliveries if requested.

Please see the table below for the list of sizes that we usually always have in our stock. Apart from this table, note that other non standard sizes are available on request. Please get in touch with us with your inquiry.

Aluminium Sheet Thickness (mm) Size 1219mm x 2438mm
(4' x 8')

Other Aluminium Alloys

We offer a variety of plain Aluminium sheet metal. Different alloys offer a range of weldability, machinability and resistance to corrosion.

A Non-Heat Treatable Aluminium Alloy 5052

This Aluminium alloy comes with strong corrosion resistance. Aluminium Alloy 5052 is known for good corrosion resistance for its non-heat treatable feature. Aluminium usually has a specific amount of alloying elements that enhance material properties. The amount of alloy matters a lot when it comes to differentiating one alloy from another. Aluminium alloy 5052 has 97.25% Al, 0.25% Cr, 2.5% Mg. in general, 5052 alloy is stronger than other alloys and also has improved corrosion resistance as there is no copper included in its composition.

The property of improved corrosion resistance makes 5052 aluminium ideal for outdoor applications and the marine industry. In fact, this alloy is also ideal for electronics and chemical applications. Some noticeable applications of aluminium alloy 5052 are pressure vessels, marine equipment, electronic enclosures, hydraulic tubes, medical equipment, and hardware signs. After highlighting the properties of aluminium alloy 5052 here, we are glad to announce that we are providing the best deals on aluminium alloy 5052.

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