Aluminium Plain Sheet - Alloy 7075 T651

Plain Aluminium sheet Alloy 7075 supplier in Dubai

Highest Strength Aluminium Alloy

Aluminium alloy 7075 is a very high strength alloy that can match the strength of many steels while giving a considerable weight saving advantage. 7075 is produced by alloying Aluminium with Zinc, Magnesium and copper.

Applications of Aluminium Alloy 7075

Due to its strength this alloy is typically used in molds for tools, bike frames and other sports equipments. Alloy 7075 is also commonly used in the automotive and aviation industries

Technical Datasheet of Aluminium Alloy 7075

Click on the link below to view the technical datasheet to ensure that this aluminium alloy is right for your requirements

Technical Datasheet of Aluminium Alloy 7075

Table of commonly stocked sizes for Aluminium Alloy 7075

Please see the table below for the list of sizes that we usually always have in our stock. Apart from this table, note that other non standard sizes are available on request. Please get in touch with us with your inquiry.

Aluminium Sheet Thickness (mm) Size 1520mm x 3020mm

Other Aluminium Alloys

We offer a variety of plain Aluminium sheet metal. Different alloys offer a range of weldability, machinability and resistance to corrosion.

Aluminium Alloy 7075 Has High Strength with Thermal Properties

Aluminium alloy selection is important when you are looking for materials in safety critical applications such as in the aerospace industry. Aluminium alloy 7075 comes with zinc and is considered as the primary alloying element. 7075 aluminium alloy is strong and has good fatigue strength. This alloy has an average machinability but has lower corrosion resistance than many other Al alloys. The alloy 7075 offers thermal properties, low density, and high strength. Aluminium alloy 7075 is mainly used in manufacturing of mold tools. 7075 alloy is aerospace aluminium of high strength. This alloy is basically used in the manufacturing tools where good corrosion resistance is not important but high strength is required.

Aluminium alloy 7075 is composed of 5.6% Zn, 2.5% Mg, 90.0% Al, 1.6% Cu, and 0.23% Cr. However, the numbers of metals in Aluminium Alloy 7075 fluctuate depending on the manufacturing factors. The aluminium alloy 7075 is one of the strongest aluminium alloys available in the market. The aluminium alloy 7075 offers superior stress corrosion resistance that is dictated by the particular chosen temper. The aluminium alloy 7075 is used for application in aircraft structures, automotive, gear & shafts.

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