We are an Aluminium sheet supplier and provide plain Aluminium sheet metal, Aluminium chequered plate, stucco Aluminium sheet metal, perforated sheet metal in Aluminium, GI & Stainless steel, marine grade Aluminium sheet metal, and other products.

We are operating in the UAE where we work as a leading Aluminium supplier. You can visit us in Dubai and Sharjah during working hours.

Based out of UAE which is one of the logistics hubs of the world we are able to ship items Aluminium sheets of excellent quality worldwide. You can contact our customer support team to get more updates.

Rarely do we have a product go out of stock at Dinco. If in case you don’t find any product in stock, we can arrange the items from mills, the lead time for this depends on your requirements in terms of alloy, size and quantity.

You can easily buy Aluminium online in the UAE at https://shop.dinco.ae/, as we are taking your orders online for delivery anywhere in the UAE. You just need to place your order and we will deliver the products at your doorway.

We stock with us sheets that are of anodized quality that have been manufactured using a special process just to ensure a superior quality surface finish when anodized. Please get it touch with us with your requirements and we will surely quote you for anodizing.

Anodizing, powder coating, and liquid paint are the three most common types of surface finishes for Aluminium.

Powder coating is used to prepare Aluminium surface in which finely ground dry paint film is used for electrostatic applications. The powder is melted due to subsequent heat of this film.

Anodized finishes can be applied to certain Aluminium alloys only. However, powder coating is a highly versatile Aluminium surface treatment option. The right process for you depends on your desired surface finish.

The best way to protect Aluminium is by storing in indoors in a dry area. Aluminium is easily scratched when handled as it is a relatively soft metal, to prevent this most of the sheets we stock have a protective plastic film applied on the sheet.

For the same sheet size and thickness, alloy 1100 is generally the cheapest grade of Aluminium

Alloy 6082 & 7075 are some of the strongest commercially available Aluminium alloys

Aluminium contains no iron and it can’t actually rust without iron. However, Aluminium does oxidize and a film of Aluminium oxide forms quickly on it when the alloy is exposed to water

Taking care of Aluminium is never complicated. You need to store it indoor in a cool, dry, contaminant, and dust-free area. Be sure not to store Aluminium with other materials

Acids and bases will cause Aluminium to corrod as they break down the oxide layer. Additionally, if your application is in a marine/offshore enviornment a suitable alloy of Aluminium must be used. Long exposure to water will also cause corrosion in the form of staining

Most of the sheets we stock have stencil marking on it with identifiying marks that tally with the mill test certificate. Some customers also get the sheets checked with a spectrometer at a private test lab.

Aluminium alloy 1100 is the softest commercially available alloy as it is essentially pure Aluminium. All other alloys have some other element added to increase strength and hardness

Whether we classify a product as a sheet or a plate depends on it's thickness. We classify a sheet as having a thickness between 0.25mm and 6.00mm and we classify it as a plate if the thickness is greater than 6.00mm.

Vinegar is acidic in nature and can harm Aluminium. If you allow the vinegar to sit on Aluminium surface for an extended period of time, it can further damage and cause corrosion to it.

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