Aluminium Chequered Sheet

Aluminium Chequered Sheets

In our warehouses in Dubai & Sharjah, UAE we stock Aluminium Chequered Sheets / Tread Plates in various alloys from various repulatable mills around the world. Aluminium alloy 1100 is the most commonly used alloy for general application of chequered sheets in flooring, automobiles etc. Aluminium alloy 3003 is available in diamond pattern with bright mirror finish. Aluminium alloy 3105 is imported from Hindalco, India and is used in high strength applications Aluminium alloy 5754, is used in marine and other offshore applications due to the alloy's high sea water corrosion resistance. This alloy is imported from mills based in Europe. Please click on the links below for more information about Aluminium sheets.

Aluminium Chequered Sheet / Tread Plate Supplier

If you are looking for a dependable Aluminium Chequered Sheet / Tread Plate supplier for all of your applications then Dinco Trading Co LLC is here for you. Since our arrival in 1997, we have become one of the leading Aluminium Chequered Sheet / Tread Plate suppliers in the UAE.

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With multiple warehouse locations in Abu Dhbai, Dubai & Sharjah, we ensure speedy deliveries to our customers all across the uae