Aluminium Stucco Sheets

In our warehouses in Dubai & Sharjah, UAE we stock Aluminium Stucco Embossed Sheets. One of the more popular forms in Aluminium Sheets you can find on the market today is a stucco embossed aluminium sheet. There are a few benefits to having this. For one, an aluminium sheet that has been stucco embossed is a lot more durable than one that is not. It's surface finish help hide scratches and other signs of wear. Stucco embossing also reduces the light-reflecting ability of the metal. This is due to the Pebble-like surface which is achieved once it has been given a proper finish. Finally, a stucco embossed aluminium sheet always looks more presentable. Stucco embossed aluminium sheets are made of different alloys. They need to have a required amount of flexibility and toughness to be graded accordingly. The most common alloys for stucco embossed Aluminium sheets in the local market are Aluminium alloy 1100 and Aluminium alloy 3003

stucco aluminium alloy 1100 sheet metal

Aluminum Stucco Embossed Sheet Alloy 1100

Aluminium Alloy 1100 offers better workability and is used in many applications due to its versatility

stucco aluminium alloy 3003 sheet metal

Aluminum Stucco Embossed Sheet Alloy 3003

Aluminium Alloy 3003 offers better strength and is used mainly for jacketing, roofing, cladding and other decorative items

Aluminium Stucco Embossed Sheets Supplier

If you are looking for a dependable Aluminium Stucco sheet supplier for all of your alloy needs then Dinco Trading Co LLC is here for you. Since our arrival in 1997, we have become one of the leading Aluminium Stucco Embossed sheet suppliers in the UAE.

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